Nick Schaus Owner of Schaus Hockey Development

Hockey Skill Development Training

Nick Schaus, Owner, Head Coach

Nick Schaus, Professional Hockey Player



Nick Schaus is a 10 year professional hockey veteran with vast North American and international hockey experience.


"With my extensive knowledge of hockey, I can provide development to all players. This specialized on and off ice training can increase the skills of all players, regardless of age or experience. The development provides the opportunity for players to grow their game to the next level."


- Nick Schaus, Owner and Coach

Ice Hockey Match

Are you ready to take your game to the next level?

Individual Hockey Skills Training in Southwest Florida

1:1 Skills


We focus on:

  • stride

  • speed & agility

  • stick handling skills

  • puck possession

  • over and under handing

  • motivation

Group Training


We focus on:

  • demonstration of drills

  • high speed continuation drills

  • edge control

  • lateral movement

  • stick and puck control

  • player position education

Ice Hockey Group Training in Southwest Florida
Off Ice Hockey Training in Southwest Florida

Off Ice


We focus on:

  • conditioning

  • stick handling drills

  • strength

  • movement


  Carter Hutton  

10 year NHL veteran

Current Buffalo Sabre's Goalie

Carter Hutton testimonial

"Nick and I played 4 years of college and 1 year in the AHL together. He is still by far one of the hardest working players on and off the ice I have ever played with.  Always working on his game and learning how to improve his game. It’s nice to know someone with his knowledge and work ethic wants to give back."

  Jason Pominville  

15 year NHL veteran

Current Buffalo Sabre

Jason Pominville testimonial

"I had the chance to workout and skate with Nick, and he is definitely a guy that has great knowledge for the game.  He is very structured & extremely passionate about hockey! Nick is definitely a guy I would recommend to any player that is serious about getting better."

  Jan Kovar  

2 Time KHL Champion

International Hockey Veteran

Jan Kovar testimonial

"Nick has the knowledge and skill base to teach players the skills they need to be elite players in today’s game.  I would recommend his development plan to any player looking to raise their game to the next level."